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Mountain Biking

mountain biking locations

The mountain bike track utilises the 4 x 4 trail, which has some very technical sections but there are "escape routes".

The track is set in our 75 hectare estate of natural vegetation and river frontage. The entire area is security fenced.

The track is demarcated with information pointer boards. Collect a free map from the Coffee Shop at the waterfront before going on your ride. Please ensure you wear all your safety gear.

The track length is 9km long but can be extended by backtracking over certain areas.

The track encompasses a wide range of obstacles. Stay and enjoy the facilities for the day. Swimming, snorkelling and kayaking is permitted.

Please note:

  • Own equipment needed (please wear safety equipment)
  • Please report to outdoor shop for route details.


Only gate entry fees apply for mountain biking, no track permit fee applicable.